Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Review 2021

Looking for a premium superfood brand that can help you in boosting your nutritional level, immunity, digestion, and overall wellness? Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance is a popular name in the market. In this Vibrant Health Green Vibrance review we are going to find out whether this superfood drink really works or not.

Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Review – An Overview

vibrant health green vibrance review

Green Vibrance is a type of green powder that’s been on the market for a really long time. When I say green powder, I mean a powder that’s primarily created from vegetable and other green sources. Green powders are generally full of different kinds of grasses, algae and vegetables. There are a lot of different green powders on the market today, and knowing the differences between them can be a difficult thing. Green Vibrance is a type of green powder that’s been around since the early 90s and it has a lot of great things about it.

Green Vibrance Ingredients

Adaptogens Adaptogens are herbal compounds helping your body adapt better to fatigue, stress and other conditions. Depending on the situation, adaptogens can either energize the body, or else relax it.

Digestive Enzymes Green Vibrance has a number of different digestive enzymes that help assist the stomach in the breakdown of the various complex nutrients found within the powder. Green Vibrance powder is very nutrient dense and contains ingredients like grasses and algae, which aren’t generally in the standard diet. So having an extra boost of digestive enzymes can be really helpful for getting the most bang for your buck.

Probiotics Green Vibrance has a very impressive 25 billion probiotic cultures per serving. The by far the highest probiotic content of any green powder formula I’ve seen. A few other formulas have 5 billion or less, but I’ve never seen any other formula even come close to 25 billion cultures per strain.

Green Tea Extract from Polyphenols, Catechins, and EGCG This is great to have in a green powder formula. Green tea polyphenols and catechins, and especially the catechin EGCG have powerful weight loss effects. Many people take green tea extract just for that purpose and it’s nice to have them in a green powder formula. The catechins in green tea help to inhibit an enzyme that block the fat burning action of norepinipherine.

Does Green Vibrance Help With Weight Loss?

vibrant health green vibrance reviews

My goal was not weight loss when starting to take Green Vibrance. It can assist as an added supplement to other weight loss products you are taking, but you will not lose weight simply by taking Green Vibrance. What I will say is, it will give you a huge increase in energy which will obviously mean you can exercise longer and help in you reach your weigh loss goals.

Green Vibrance Reviews – Pros & Cons

The biggest pro of Green Vibrance is the ingredient list and how overwhelmingly complete it is. If you take a look at the label on a canister of Green Vibrance, you’ll see how overwhelmingly large its list of ingredients is. It spans the whole length of the canister 3 times over.

The list of ingredients literally spans half of the side of the canister. It’s easy to see how much time they’ve invested into crafting the best version of green powder they could, trying to create a formula that’s complete and useful. That’s the first big pro.

The next big pro is that the ingredient list is very comprehensive, covering a huge variety of different types of healthy compounds. There’s much more than just grasses and vegetables. Their formula has all kinds of different components, things like probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbal extracts, and adaptogens. These types of ingredients are hard to find in large quantity in a lot of the other powders.

The second thing I like a lot about Green Vibrance is their transparency policy. They don’t use a proprietary blend to hide their ingredients like a lot of other formulas do. They list every ingredient in specific quantity, so you’re not fooled by fillers.

Because of the fact that green powder formulas are so full of different ingredients, it’s easy for manufacturers to hide filler ingredients in their formulas without the common person being any the wiser. But Green Vibrance has a transparency policy in which they clearly label everything in their ingredients, building a sense of trust that they don’t have a bunch of extraneous ingredients in their formula.

The only real con that I can see with this formula is the cost. It’s definitely more expensive than some of the other brands out there. As is true in most things in life, you get what you pay for.

There are some other brands and formulas that have all your basic ingredients, but don’t have a lot of the extras like digestive enzymes, probiotics, and herbal extracts that can really help boost your body and bring you to peak efficiency.

There are other products that run about $10 cheaper per 30 day bottle that are still very good products. It really just depends on how complete a green powder you’re looking for.

If you only want the basics of green powders and don’t want to pay a lot: vegetables, grasses, algae, and herbal extracts, then you might need to go elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a powder that’s as complete as they come, then Green Vibrance is a great choice.

Why do I like Green Vibrance so much

vibrant health green vibrance ingredients

I love Green Vibrance as it is a multivitamin power house. This product covers so much. So much in fact, I’ve used it as a replacement for most of my multi vitamins. It makes me feel great.

Not only does this boost my energy, it also boosts my immune system. I have not gotten sick since I started to take GreenVibrance. It has a great list of ingredients and no cheap fillers.

How does Green Vibrance Taste

Lets face it. Most supplement powders taste disgusting and this is no exception. It smells just like it taste and could be mistaken as something you would feed to your pets. I tried to mix it with protein shakes and and juices which makes the taste bearable.

Green Vibrance Reviews & Testimonials

vibrant health green vibrance testimonials

“I’ve been to a few other dispensaries and the medicine quality at Green Vibrance is much better than the other places I’ve visited. Add to that they deliver and it’s a win-win! The only thing is I wish they offered some edibles and waxes…I still visit the other shops for those but they by-far have better bud quality then any other place I’ve visited!” – TMK1

“A+++ Service, on time, & the medicine quality is outstanding! I will definitely recommend to other patients and will definitely be calling again!! Thank You Green Vibrance!!” -Itsmeangieb

“This is the best service that you can find! They have great prices, great service, great medicine and better yet they bring it right to you. It doesn’t get much better than that. I would definitely check this place out for sure!” – JDubya420

“I really enjoy the medication offered and the service is outstanding & they are willing to meet up wherever is less stressful for me! They are always on time as well! This is the delivery service to use!” –swaggblooded

“While it took me a few calls to get through, this is understandable since there are other patients to serve. The M-16 buds were dense and relaxing. The delivery took longer than expected due to road conditions, but overall I was satisfied & grateful that there is a compassionate delivery service that goes to Ann Arbor!” – Phillip

“Have been to a decent amount of dispensaries in the area, and the convenience that exists is remarkable. The quality is on par, as is the customer service and price. Will be a recurring customer.” – Michael

” For anyone who is pondering welcoming a stranger in to your home in this setting, let me assure you that you can put your fears to rest. I had the experience of dealing with a professional in every way who treated me with respect and created a bond of trust immediately.” –cityboy

“All I got to say is this meets my expectations above and beyond each and every time. I love the knowledge and the power behind these strains. Cured properly and look great under my 30×2 magnify glass.I would love to say amber’s on trichrome’s are right were they should be. I like the positive vibes I get each and every time this by far blow’s all the dispensaries in my area out of the water.” –Dank

“I was very impressed with how knowledgeable they are. The are nice guys that are trying to help you out. Great positive attitude! They may take a little bit to get to you but I promise it is worth the wait. The flowers are all cured correctly and they know what they are doing. I really recommend Green Vibrance if you haven’t tried.” –yabbadabbs

“I tried these guys a few days ago. Great people very friendly, professional, and knowledgable. I had called them and talked to the man on the phone for about 15 minutes he answered all my questions and was extremely helpful. There selection and prices are the best of any place around town. The driver was polite and was comfortable to have in my home. This place is the way to go. Keep up the great job guys.” –Crok

“Best delivery service around! Always on time and the meds are top notch. Best place in the greater detroit area in my opinion. Prices are always competitive, and they do not have delivery fee. Call them now!” –djparker234

“Green Vibrance was fast, friendly, and most importantly had GREAT meds. Was able to show us a wide variety of strains and explain the difference between each one. Would definitely recommend!” –Mike

Before you Buy Green Vibrance

buy vibrant health green vibrance

This product is packed full of detoxing foods and extracts, and variety of nutrient dense compounds. Taking it, all to I did not personally experience any, may result in some unwanted side effects.

When you start taking Green Vibrance and your body undergoes the detoxification process, it has the potential to make you feel sick. Flu like symptoms are not unheard of. You might feel aches and nausea, and feel weak in the first few days. This is generally the result of toxins being released from the body.

Sometimes it is an allergic reaction and you should consult your doctor to further evaluate if this is right for you, but more often than not, it is simply the result of detoxification.

My Verdict on Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Review

texas superfood review

Overall this is a great product. Most people don’t think to much of there fruit and vegetable intake and don’t eat nearly the amount of fruits and veggies they should. This supplement fills a lot of holes many of us have. I can guarantee you will find it very beneficial and generally will improve your quality of life and well being. Although, there are some other popular options available like Texas Superfood and Organifi Green Juice. If you ask me, I would strongly recommend these two over Green Vibrance.


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