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Tony Tolliver - Herbal EatHey Friends, a warm greet to all of you. I hope you are safe and healthy in this post pandemic era. My name is Tony Tolliver and I am the whole sole owner, writer and editor of this website, Herbal Eat.

For past few months, whole world has undergone a serious threat of dangerous Covid-19 condition. We have lost lot of our fellow beings with millions of recovered from it. This pandemic condition actually taught a lesson that health is the most important thing that we need to concentrate and take seriously.

During this time period, we noticed the importance of “Healthy Immunity” and learned various methods to build up it. One thing that is important to notice here is that a healthy immunity builds healthy body and a healthy diet and nutritional balance helps in building up your immunity.

A healthy diet is very important to stay healthy and fit. It also helps in building up our body’s resistance or in other word, Immunity, that fights against viruses and radicals to guard your body. But what is a healthy diet? A healthy diet stands for a diet that is enriched with all essential nutrients that includes vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

For most of us, it is not easy to prepare a nutritional diet daily. This may be due to absences of adequate knowledge or time to devote. Therefore, these people shift to an alternative that includes nutritional supplements, drinks and premade diet meals.

Here at Herbal Eat, I am going to give you a complete information on maintaining your nutritional level through ideal tips and resources on foods to eat and foods to avoid. I also review some of the most trending and popular nutritional supplements and diet plans in the market to help you out in choosing the best one.

I hope you will find these resources vital and information. You can contact me anytime via the contact page for your queries or suggestion for me.


Tips & Advice:

  • Supplements should not considered as an alternative to real foods. You cannot underestimate nutritionally packed real veggies and fruits.
  • Although, most people get their daily nutrition from real food, most of the others need some extra nutrient. Nutritional supplements here comes into the play.
  • You must thoroughly check the ingredient label before using any supplement.
  • A supplement may not work equally for every individual. Due to individual health condition, it is possible that results may differ.
  • “Natural ingredients” in a supplement doesn’t always mean safe. You must do your personal research regarding ingredients used before using any supplement.
  • Most supplements are unsafe for children, therefore keep them away from their reach.


  • We are not a healthcare professional or medical expert, therefore we cannot replace the professional consultation. We recommend to inform your doctor before making any changes in your daily lifestyle.
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  • Any of the supplement listed over here are should not be intended to diagnose and treat any health condition.
  • You must consult with your doctor prior using any supplement if you are already taking any medication, pregnant or breastfeeding woman, or suffering from any medical condition.
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