Nutrisystem Success Stories and Testimonials 2023

nutrisystem testimonials

If you want to judge whether a supplement, product, or diet plan really works or not, it is best to check the customer reviews and testimonials on various platforms. Also popular is Nutrisystem, a popular diet plan that claims to help thousands of people lose weight. But is there any truth behind these claims? This is the question that usually arises for every potential user. These Nutrisystem success stories and testimonials are going to help you out.

Nutrisystem Success Stories and Testimonials

Nutrisystem Success Stories Testimonials
Nutrisystem Success Stories & Testimonials 2023

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Nila C lost 25 lbs: “I have tried every weight loss program out there. With NutriSystem, the weight came off and stayed off.”

Marcy W lost 23 lbs: I am not hungry and the food is actually really good, which is key, considering that the tough part for me has always been portion control.

David G lost 50 lbs: “I just kept ignoring my weight and turning it into a bigger problem. NutriSystem laid everything out for me and the food is really quite delicious. I am feeling more confident, and I am holding my head a little higher.”

Valori Z lost 25 lbs: “I loved picking and choosing the foods I wanted to eat. They were already prepared, perfectly spiced, and measured—what more could you ask for? I’m a busy, working mom with a career. NutriSystem was exactly what I needed.”

Brandy B lost 20 lbs: “One day I saw a TV commercial for NutriSystem and made the decision to lose weight and gain my confidence back. I was ready to feel better about myself and my weight. The cost of NutriSystem was very reasonable. I never felt like I was starving, and I got to eat the foods I love!”

Mark G Lost 51 lbs: When my wife first started to lose weight on NutriSystem, I thought, “Man she’s really losing weight. She’s looking good. I have to look good, too!”

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Nutrisystem Success Stories

Marcy ends the weight gain trend

The new NutriSystem Nourish program is great! In just six weeks, I lost 14.5 pounds, and overall, I have lost 23 pounds (some of it on the old NutriSystem program, and some of it with the new NutriSystem Nourish foods).

I am not hungry and the food is actually really good, which is key, considering that the tough part for me has always been portion control.

I used to say, “I don’t have a problem with food. I love it. ” Just after the birth of my son, I was stuck at 140 pounds—20 pounds heavier than before I got pregnant.

At just 31 years old, I could see a scary trend coming on. If I gained 10 pounds per year, plus about 20 with each baby, I would be overweight before long.

Mom manages to lose 43 pounds in 4 months!

My weight has always been a struggle for me to keep in check. This January, I finally decided to do something for myself and get on a good diet.

My daughter, Kelly, who’s 14 years old, has also had weight problems and wanted to diet with me, and although I wasn’t quite sure how she would do it (being a teen and all), I decided it was a good idea and we jumped into this together.

I started my NutriSystem program the first week of January, and she started the following week. As it turned out, having each other for support was great.

Right from the start, it was clear to both of us that staying on this diet would be easy! We always felt like we had plenty to eat, and we both loved the foods we had chosen.

My daughter added a few extras to her diet, as she is a growing teen (growing UP now, not OUT! ), and in the very first week, we both began to see results. That made it easy to stay on track.

Morgan Wins Big – Former contest winner shares her story

“Before starting NutriSystem, I can count at least 12 diets that I tried—some good and some crazy. Some were mostly protein, one was mostly fruit, and one was just a liquid diet.

And then there were some that I don’t even remember because they were so nutty that I couldn’t stay on them for more than a day or two (all the grapefruit and cottage cheese you can eat loses its appeal after the second day!).

Finally, about 20 years ago, I just gave up on diets because I felt they didn’t work.” That was Morgan’s perspective before she started NutriSystem.

Now, after losing more than 100 lbs.* on the program, she’s a firm believer in the healthy, balanced weight loss approach.

Military Mom Shapes Up – Loses 76 lbs

Hi, my name is Julie. I’m a wife, a mother of a 14-month-old daughter, and a captain in the U.S. military. This is my weight-loss story.

I’ve always been a really active person. I was a cheerleader and participated in the crew, both in high school and at Florida Tech in Melbourne, Florida, where I graduated with a BS in marine biology.

That all changed, though, when I decided to join ROTC. Why? The training was very time-consuming and didn’t allow for the two workouts a day I was used to, so the pounds started to add up.

I struggled with the same twenty to thirty pounds during my last two years of college and the first three years following college. My job in the military requires a level of physical fitness; being fit and trim is literally part of my job.


And because of the added weight, I always struggled to meet the requirements. That worried me.

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