Nutrisystem For Women Review 2022 – Exploring The Results For Female

Women’s body is quite different from men and that’s why the same treatment cannot be used for both men and women. When it comes to weight loss, diets for men and women are also different. Fat deposition in the female body is especially deposited in the belly and thigh area and you need a female-focused diet plan that can count on fat in these specific areas. Nutrisystem is one such diet plan that specific diet plans for men and women. Nutrisystem for women plans has a diet that is specially designed and prepared to keep the female weight loss process in mind. So let’s discover more about this women-specific plan by Nutrisystem.

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What Is Nutrisystem For Women?

Nutrisystem is a popular meal delivery plan that delivers chef-prepared diet meals as per your weight loss requirement and goal. Nutrisystem doesn’t have special plans for women, but you are asked to fill up a detailed questionnaire before you subscribe to a plan.

In this questionnaire you are asked about your daily lifestyle, eating habits, physical structure, health conditions, and weight loss goal. Analyzing this questionnaire, Nutrisystem prepares a personalized timeline for you and recommends you choose a plan and meals accordingly.

Knowing that women need more effort to lose weight compared to men, Nutrisystem for women’s plans are a little bit more costly compared to plans for men. Therefore, to make it affordable, Nutrisystem has introduced a new plan for couples. In this plan, you can subscribe along with your partner to get maximum results and save more.

How Does Nutrisystem Works For Women?

Nutrisystem for women works similarly to men. The meals delivered by the Nutrisystem are prepared by the professional chef as per the suggestion by the dietitian. These foods that include low-carb meals, high protein snacks, and nutritional smoothies help in stimulating metabolism.

This promotes high and faster fat burning, resulting in healthy and quick weight loss. You are suggested to add a workout regime for better and faster results. Nutrisystem also provides 1-on-1 personal assistance and consultation, along with daily tracking through its dedicated app, NuMi.

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How Much Weight Can Women Lose With Nutrisystem?

As mentioned earlier and known worldwide, women require more effort to lose weight compared to men. Therefore, the results will also vary for both men and women. With Nutrisystem, women can lose up to 13 pounds in the first month, compared to men who can lose up to 18 pounds.

Common FAQs on Nutrisystem for Women

Can I use Nutrisystem while pregnancy?

Yes, you can surely follow Nutrisystem meals while in your pregnancy as it is completely safe.

Do Nutrisystem meals carry high-carb foods?

No, meals by Nutrisystem are low on carb and high on protein, therefore it helps in losing weight quickly and effectively.

Do I need to work out while on Nutrisystem meals?

Yes, it would be best to perform exercises and workouts while on the Nutrisystem diet as it boosts the weight loss results.

How much can I lose with Nutrisystem?

As per the official website, the claimed weight-loss figure for women is 10-12 pounds in one month.

Nutrisystem For Women Plans

There are three plans for women at Nutrisystem that range from $9 to $12. These three plans start with a basic to completely customized plan.

Basic Plan – $9.29/day

Uniquely Yours – $11.07/day

Uniquely Yours Max+ – $12.50/day

Currently, Nutrisystem is offering huge bonuses and freebies with all of their 4-week plans. With every 4-week plan, you get one month supply of Hydrating Fat Burner, 7 Free protein shakes, a Free subscription to the NuMi app, Free personal weight loss coaching, and Free shipping in the USA.

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