Nutrisystem Alternatives – 8 Better Diet for 2023

Are you looking for Nutrisystem alternatives? Then you are at right place. If you are like most of the other people who are willing to lose weight, it a truth that talking about loosing weight is very much easier than actually doing it. Lots of people fail and quit in between of their weight journey due to hectic rules and strategies involved. Therefore choosing the right diet plan is very important to get desired body weight.

Nutrisystem is a one of the most popular name in the market that has helped lots of people to overcome their overweight condition. But certainly, Nutrisystem is not the first and last choice available as there are many other similarly popular names available. In this article we are going to compare Nutrisystem vs the alternatives to find out whether these competitors manage stand against Nutrisystem or not.

Nutrisystem Diet Plan

nutrisystem alternatives
Review of Best Nutrisystem Alternatives

Before we dive into the list of alternatives to the Nutrisystem, let’s have a brief overview on Nutrisystem diet plan. Nutrisystem is one of the most popular diet plan on the market. It is a low calorie diet meal delivery program for healthy weight loss. Nutrisystem has a wide range of meal plans for every type of individual regardless of male, female, diabetic, and vegans. All the meals of Nutrisystem are low on calorie that are specially prepared by professional dietitians and chefs. The system works by analyzing your current body structure, eating habit, lifestyle, and weight loss goal. This database is used to prepare a personalized timeline for you including customized meals and plans.

Advantage and Drawbacks

  • It is very convenient to use
  • Offers wide variety of meals
  • All meals are nutritionally balanced perfectly
  • Offers transition plans
  • Encourages for workout

Drawbacks –

  • Cost is little bit higher but still cheaper than other meal plans
  • Most foods are processed

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Nutrisystem Alternatives –

Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig

Nutrisystem vs jenny craig
Review of Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is a reputable, well-recognized company that has been helping clients achieve their weight loss and weight management goals since 1983. The Jenny Craig program helps clients to not only focus on losing weight, but also how to eat healthier and incorporate physical activity into their daily routine.

Learning how to live a balanced, active lifestyle is essential to maintaining a desired weight and increasing energy and confidence. Designed by registered dieticians in collaboration with an advisory board consisting of healthcare professionals, clients of Jenny Craig can be assured that they will receive sound, scientifically-based weight management advice. Read in detail about Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig


  • The plans are easy and convenient to follow
  • Offer motivational support
  • The taste is quite good
  • Helps in promoting healthy weight shedding


  • Foods are frozen so need to be heated
  • Plans are very expensive
  • It also delivers processed foods
  • Most foods contain gluten
  • Also contains allergens
  • Some meals are sodium rich

Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers (WW)

nutrisystem vs weight watchers
Review of Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers (WW)

The Weight Watchers Diet is based on the concept of making gradual changes on your lifestyle. It should not be a quick one, but more on the long term changes. Basically, the Weight Watchers Diet is based on four basic factors which are popularly known as the four pillars, namely: food, exercise, support, and behavior.

In essence, the Weight Watchers Diet effectively encourages the dieters a low-fat diet and reduced calorie intake in order to lose weight. What makes the Weight Watchers Diet very effective is the fact that it provides you with a sort of guideline or suggestion of the meals that you have to take. The diet does not promise you instant weight reduction but it allows you to improve your health through regular exercise and healthy eating plan.


  • Teaches you skills that are lifelong
  • Weight loss is very slow but steady
  • Lots of resources and supports
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes


  • Can cost you more on upgrading
  • Point counting can be very hecting
  • Requires weekly weight ins
  • No solid resource about cardiovascular benefits
  • You are tightened with restrictions

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Nutrisystem vs Optavia

For weight loss, Optavia diet focuses on meal replacements including bars and pre-packed foods as well as smaller meals that may be consumed at any time of day. This diet promises to be easy to follow and eliminate the guesswork associated with weight reduction. The diet emphasises lean protein & starch free veggies, and opposes sweets and high-calorie items, such as sodas and desserts. The diet isn’t recommended by doctors.

US News and World Report ranked Optavia with 28th position in best diet plans for the year 2021.  Overall, Optavia is given the rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of this diet before deciding whether it is right for you.


  • It is quite convenient to use
  • Helps in reducing weight and prevents obesity risk
  • Maintains cholesterol level
  • Provides coaching support


  • It may cause deficiency of nutrients
  • Can reduce athletic performance
  • Support is very much sales oriented and annoying
  • Plans are quite costly

Nutrisystem vs Noom

Noom is a smartphone app which helps you keep track of your weight, track what you consume, and interact with others in a similar situation to yourself.

To put it another way, Noom isn’t some sort of fad diet, an overly-strict exclusion programme, a meal-delivery service, or anything like that. Its dietary philosophy is based on Michael Pollan’s renowned koan, “Eat food, but not too much, and primarily from plants.” Noom excels in providing a virtual diary that encourages you to follow through on your goals. Noom provides a framework for you to make the healthiest decisions, but ultimately it’s up to you.


  • Only weight loss app to recieve maximum 5 stars
  • Offer lots of progessive features
  • The app is very much specific and focused


  • Not suitable for those who are suffering with any medical condition
  • The plans are very costly

Nutrisystem vs Bistro MD

One of the earliest known food delivery services, bistroMD was started by Ed Cederquist and Dr. Caroline Cederquist in the year 2005. When it comes to medical and nutritional foundation, Dr. Cederquist’s 20 years of weight loss professional expertise and Ed’s love of food, the company’s programmes are a winning combination. This isn’t a boring, tasteless meal that will assist you lose weight.

It is bistroMD’s commitment to use ingredients from locally available farmers, markets, farms, and other environmentally friendly sources whenever possible. Meals does not contain added MSG, artificial coloring, trans fat, nitrates, or aspartame, as well as hormone-free meats.


  • Vast selection of healthy meal plans
  • The meals are delicious
  • Flexible to customize plans according to your need
  • Offers free consultation


  • Charges extra shipping cost
  • Limited delivery areas in Alaska
  • Less options for vegetarian meals
  • All foods are non vegan

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Nutrisystem vs Medifast

Medifast’s goal is to eliminate hunger including the time and effort required to prepare and implement a diet. Programs offered by the company promise to keep you full while allowing you to lose weight. When it comes to eating regularly and staying on track with your weight-loss objectives while avoiding that dreadful desire to eat, professionals have conducted all the necessary nutritional calculations for you.


  • It is backed up by clinical studies
  • The program is carefully curated by science board
  • Convenient meals that are suitable for busy person
  • Special plans for individuals with specific dietary needs


  • Though foods taste good but are not alike normal meals
  • It is very much expensive compared to other meal plans
  • Results may be gradual

Nutrisystem vs South Beach Diet

South Beach diet, a low carb and clinically proven diet, is a three-phase overall weight loss approach that is meant to change your metabolic activity to burn fat. Dr. Arthur Agatston developed this program in the year 2003 and claimed to help people lose weight without feeling hungry. The programme now includes meal delivery service, an app for progress tracking, and personal coaching.

Carbohydrates are reduced while protein and fibre are increased in the diet. With   around 1200 calories a day, South Beach Diet falls right in line with the necessary calorie intake to lose one pound a week.


  • Convenient to use
  • Uses low saturated fat
  • Helps in preventing craving for food


  • Initial phase is too strict and restrictive
  • Little bit expensive
  • Plans are not structural
  • May lead to eating disorder

Nutrisystem vs Atkins Diet

Atkins diet, popularly known as low-carb eating regimen, is another renowned alternative to Nutrisystem. This diet plan make you choose foods from their vast database according to your weight loss goal. Atkins 20 and 40 are classified by the brand as a keto diet.

As per the company, an individual may lose about 2 pound in a week using this diet plan.  Those  who are currently at a normal healthy weight can adopt the Atkins plan to maintain healthy body weight. Atkins diet has been listed at 33rd position under Best Diets Overall.


  • Available with lots of meal options
  • Promotes nutritional intake
  • High satiety rate with slow digestion of fat and protein


  • Plans are expensive
  • Weight loss is quite challenging with this diet plan
  • Have side effects like headaches, mood swing, and fatigue
  • Weight loss results are short term

My Concluding Remark on Nutrisystem Alternatives

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There is no doubt that Nutrisystem is the most popular and result oriented diet plan that has helped thousands of people to lose their weight easily. But there are many of us who search for a better alternative. While writing Nutrisystem alternatives I have tried to list some of the top competitors to this popular diet plan.

If you ask me, I would straightforwardly recommend to try Nutrisystem diet plan over others because it delivers healthy and delicious meals at an affordable rate. But if you are ready to prepare your own meal and don’t want to invest for meal delivery, Weight Watchers would be a better choice.

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