Home Chef Reviews – Critical Research Found (March 2022)

Because there are so many meal kit providers to select from, finding one that is both reasonable and of good quality can be difficult. That’s why I decided to put Home Chef to the test for one month to evaluate how it stacked up against other meal delivery services. We’ll go through Home Chef reviews by users, how they function, what menus are available, how much they cost, and even more.

Home Chef Reviews – What is It?

Review on Home Chef Meal Delivery Plan

Home Chef is one of the most popular meal delivery company that provides its customers with a wide range of cuisine and recipe choices. Customers may enjoy quality meals in their homes with comfort, thanks to the company’s delivery of freshly portioned materials and step-by-step recipes.

Home Chef aspires to provide excellent dinners to their consumers without requiring them to spend too much time in preparing or shopping for items. They provide a selection of chef-designed dishes that take less than half an hour to make. New meals are posted every week on their website, which includes nut-free, vegetarian, low-carb, gluten-free, and soy-free options.

Home Chef’s chefs produce simple, easy-to-follow recipes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Home Chef offers weekly meal options based on a customer’s tastes once they’ve completed their profile. The ingredients are packed in an insulated recyclable box to keep the ingredients fresh. Beginners do not need to be concerned about the recipes as each dish is planned to be simple to prepare.

Customers can also choose a customizable subscription plan that allows them to vary the delivery date and the quantity of meals and servings they want to receive. By login into their account, customers can also bypass a week or even pause their membership. Where most Home Chef meals can be prepared within just 30 minutes, you are also offered with 15 minute meal kit, premade salads, and premade meals that you just need to heat and eat.

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Meal Subscription Services

Customers can select their favorite recipes from Home Chef’s weekly menus as part of their subscription service. You can set the amount meals per week you’d like to receive, and the amount of servings and ingredients used to prepare your dish. In addition to its membership services, Home Chef offers the following extras:

1.) Oven Ready: Every menu on the main homechef.com site now has an Oven Ready option (and regularly adds more meals). Its in addition to regular menu of meals served by Home Chef.

Oven Ready meals require little preparation and no cleanup (no dishes!). Customers receive whatever they need to prepare a dinner, including the cooking plate, from Home Chef. This is a one-of-a-kind offer in the meal delivery market.

2.) Fresh & Easy: Home Chef just introduced Fresh & Easy, as the sub-brand. Oven-Ready, Dinner Salads, and Grill-Ready are the focus of this menu. Again, the benefit is that the preparation work is minimal and no clean-up required.

3.) Customize It: Many Home Chef recipes now allow customers to switch or upgrade proteins (for example, if you want steak tacos rather than chicken, it’s simple!).

How It Works: Fast and Simple

Home Chef is indeed a meal kit delivery service that lets consumers choose from two basic plan options and afterwards sign-up for a specific number of meals to be supplied each week. Home Chef as well as Fresh & Easy plans are the two options available. Fresh & Easy contains meals that take little or zero preparation for individuals with busier schedule or little interest in cooking, while Home Chef includes proportioned items and cooking instructions. Both programs can be further tailored to meet specific dietary needs, such as calorie restriction, carb restriction, or a list of foods and allergens that clients can choose to avoid.

Customers simply input their email address to begin the enrollment process and reply a few additional simple questions about their meal delivery preferences, such as how many portions per meal, and how many dishes per week.

Customers choose a delivery date from a list of possibilities for the following weeks after providing their shipping address, submit payment details, and then begin picking meals for the very first delivery. Changes are simple and fast, and deliveries could be skipped or cancelled through the web interface. Proportioned ingredients are packed in recyclable plastic packets, grouped and labelled for each relevant recipe, and volatile proteins are stored in vacuum-sealed packs at the bottom.

Will Home Chef work with my diet?

Home Chef has a wide range of selections for a variety of diets, making it simple to choose something that suits your needs.

In fact, you may quickly filter your weekly menu to show vegetarian, low-carb, or low-calorie options.

Potential allergen are also given for each recipe, and you may choose to eliminate particular ingredients from your weekly meal, such as pork, seafood, red meat, almonds, or mushrooms.

It’s worth noting, though, that the meals are prepared in a location that handles a lot of major allergens, so they might not be acceptable for people with serious food allergies and intolerances.

Home Chef may also be inconvenient for those who follow stringent food plans such as paleo, vegan, and ketogenic diets.

Home Chef Pros and Cons –


  • Value for money
  • Variety of easy recipes
  • Protein substitutions


  • Most meals are too high in sodium
  • Few plant based ingredients

How much does Home Chef cost?

With rates starting at $6.99/dish, Home Chef is among the most cost-effective meal kit businesses available.

Extras, such as protein packs containing meat, fish, or fowl, can be purchased for an additional price.

Depending on the package you choose, shipping fees are calculated at checkout.

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Other User’s Experiences –

After reading several Home Chef reviews on YouTube and Reddit, it appears that the majority of people think Home Chef is a good game.

Many people comment on how simple it is to prepare a tasty supper in less than 30 minutes.

One client complained about rotten tomatoes and earned a credit for future meals after contacting customer service.

People appear to enjoy the option of choosing your own meal or having the company do it for you. This saves a lot of time and encourages customers to try new things.

The only drawback I could identify was that clients felt there weren’t many vegetarian or diet-friendly recipes available.

My Final Verdict on Home Chef Reviews

Home Chef does not prioritize health and wellness, but it does provide a variety of simple and quick semi-homemade foods with a variety of options for different skill levels and preparation and cook periods. For those seeking a somewhat more gourmet flavor, the Home Chef’s Culinary Collection menu includes more imaginative options.

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