Best Meal Delivery Service 2022 – Top Three Compared

best meal delivery service 2022

Best Meal Delivery Service 2022 – The International Food Information Council performed a survey in February 2021 that found that 56 percent of residents in the United States had not been to a restaurant in at least a month prior to the study. In fact, the pandemic has encouraged many people to eat more meals at home, resulting in an increase in the number of people cooking for themselves and their families.

It’s understandable if cooking feels like a big undertaking whether you’re an employee who works an average of 34.9 hours a week in the United States or a parent who spends hours a day doing domestic tasks. It isn’t just a matter of stepping up to the stove and turning it on that makes cooking difficult. Meal planning, food shopping, and prepping your ingredients are also part of the process. Additionally, creating meals can be a tedious task that requires a certain level of expertise.

Every meal delivery business may have been inspired by this issue, which aims to alleviate some of the burden of meal preparation. This service provides you with all of the ingredients you need to make your favorite meals, and they are delivered right to your house at a time that is convenient for you.

More and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon, all vying for the title of best meal delivery service on the market. But which of these services, in the end, does it actually deliver on?

Best Meal Delivery Service 2022

best meal delivery service 2022
best meal delivery service

The three most popular meal delivery services are examined in this post.

Nutrisystem, Hello Fresh, and Home Chef are three significant meal delivery service providers. The following is a quick overview of each brand:

Nutrisystem –

Users of Nutrisystem are encouraged to have a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, dairy, and lean protein. In the case of Nutrisystem, the meals are prepared by a professional chef, therefore the absence of compromise in taste is not a problem. When you’re on a diet, it’s easy to lose track of it.

What is Nutrisystem’s Secret to its Success?

The Nutrisystem program has a long and interesting history. Local businessman Harold Katz experimented with a liquid protein-based diet for weight loss in the 1970s. Learnings from this eating method helped him create modest changes that led to the food-delivery business it is now.


The food will be delivered right to your door!
Options for vegetarians and diabetics are available.


Lack of face-to-face support

Nutrisystem Plans –

Basic Plan
Core Plan
Uniquely Yours
Uniquely Yours Ultimate
Diabetes plan
Vegetarian plan

Nutrisystem meals include what?

Nuts, legumes and seeds (tofu), fruits (avocado, berries, etc.), vegetables (green, onion and mushroom), fats (plan-based) and dairy are all permitted (skimmed milk, low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese, etc.) proteins and fats (whole-wheat pasta, bread, brown rice, oats, etc.)

Deep-fried foods, fatty cut meats, high-sugar desserts, high-calorie vegetables (potatoes), butter, oil, full-fat dairy, pasta, rice, ice-creams, etc. are all prohibited from being consumed.

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Hello Fresh

Budget, health, flavor, and sustainability all play a role in Hello Fresh’s service. Once you select a plan based on your dietary choices or cravings, the service follows the same process as the first two meal delivery services. Hello Fresh has 27 weekly recipes, and Blue Apron has 35. Following your selection of a meal plan, all you have to do is follow the recipe and enjoy your meal.

According to Hello Fresh, its recipes have been tested “200 times” by chefs. Choose from a variety of meat-based, meat-free and vegetarian options as well as quick and easy meals that can be made in a jiffy. For two to four people, you can get a meal kit from it.

Home Chef’s

According to Home Chef’s mission statement, the goal of meal kits is to make dinner preparation easy for everyone. As a result, the process of using it is equally straightforward. Choosing the meals you prefer, customizing them, and then waiting for them to be delivered is the first step in the process.

Home Chef’s meal plans can be adjusted to fit your calorie needs, carbohydrate preferences, and other dietary restrictions. Meal plans from Home Chef can also be tailored to fit your specific time constraints when it comes to preparing meals.

Which one is the best Meal Delivery Service?

Home Chef, Hello Fresh, as well as Nutrisystem are all well-known for their service and food. Nutrisystem, on the other hand, offers a broad variety of flavors, recipes inspired by cuisines from across the world, and healthy and delicious snacks and shakes to accompany your meals.

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